We encourage a digital culture that – if creatively applied – reduces the distance between people and brings them closer. Many of our projects make communication between people easier, messages become clearer and background noise makes way to the sound of your voice.


We explore new creative paths by combining images, text and multimedia contents, striking a balance between precision and intuition, specialisation and cross-media approach. Our aim is to ensure the success of every brand we are given.


We have always felt that creative thinking is the engine behind a new model of sustainable development that can help you save what is today the most precious of resources - your time.

Creative Thinking

CREATIVE THINKING means looking at reality from a different point of view. Would you like an example? Appearing on the market as a SOFTWARE development company at a time when, in Italy, new technologies were still a gamble. That is how Graffiti 2000 was born in 1996. That is how it obtained “Microsoft Solution Provider” certification, linking its history to the evolution of the WEB: those were the years when the Internet reached all homes, digital barriers crumbled and fell and the number of online browsers grew inexorably. Graffiti 2000 expanded and discovered it particularly liked DESIGN. The codeword was always COMUNICATION,starting from listening. Today, programmers and designers work together - in what can only be defined a true LABORATORYof ideas - to develop platforms that are increasingly integrated with the businesses of customers. The integration of VIDEOS with new media channels was how many of the projects of Nextdoor, our production studio, began. Our aim is to fully valorise all the potential of a brand, on and off the Web. SOCIAL NETWORKING and viral marketing in Italy are just the tip of the iceberg – deep changes are affecting every MARKETING sector and the trend is destined to increase.. E che sempre di più lo farà in futuro. The future appears more and more dynamic, thanks to the APPLICATION for smartphones and web sites optimised for MOBILE devices, because this will become the main system for surfing the Internet. For Graffiti 2000 this future has already begun.


We consider excellence a target to aim for every day. Our commitment in that sense means that we provide quality services to you and our customers in all the sectors we work in. Graffiti 2000 obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2001.

We worked with

  • Casse Rurali Trentine
  • Phoenix Informatica Bancaria
  • Bianchi
  • ASUS
  • Gruner+Jahr/Mondadori
  • Arcese Trasporti
  • Armando De Angelis Pastaio
  • Banca Popolare di Lodi
  • Bauer S.p.A.
  • Bologna Service
  • Cantine Ferrari
  • Clarks Italia
  • Enobis
  • Expert
  • Fabbri Editori
  • Festival dell’Economia di Trento
  • FOX Italia
  • Frutta & Fibre
  • Gambero Rosso TV
  • Giro del Trentino
  • Confindustria Trento
  • Confindustria
  • Assottica
  • Alpetrans
  • Auricchio
  • HP Italia
  • Patty Pravo after show
  • Radio Viva FM
  • Segata S.p.A.
  • Simone Rugiati
  • Telethon
  • Vasco Renna surf center
  • VIVERE suites and rooms
  • Daihatsu
  • Dea TV
  • Distilleria Fratelli Pisoni


Graffiti 2000 won the prestigious award for two years in a row.:
  • Premio Web Italia 2010 (best web agency of the year)
  • Premio Web Italia 2009 (best institutional web site of the year with the Cantine Ferrari project)
Born to valorise excellence in the world of Italian web productions, Premio Web Italia is the most important award in Italy for web agencies and communications professionals.